lundi 29 juin 2015

Jolis enfants

Lila is just about to be two years old and Nandu starting school in a few weeks, and I am writing less and less.

So here are just a few facts I don't want to forget.

  • When Nandu was 2 and a half, he would call Barnabé, the cat of my mum, Bonne année. This was especially nice, since it was around New Year.
  • Lila is just fierce. She bites, she hits, she climbs on anything she can think of, and she does everything she possibly can by herself. We obviously have to focus on helping her grow up into a socially acceptable human being, but it is just hilarious to see.
  • Nandu on the other hand, is his usual, hyper reasonable self. Don't ever tell him he might break something or he will not dare touching it. Don't tell him to be careful or he won't try anything. This also means that you can send him with a jug full of water to the kitchen, or to ask him to put his plate in the dishwasher and he'll do it perfectly.
  • Nandu is speaking in English more and more and Lila is adding words to her vocabulary every day. They are playing with each other quite well now, and I really wonder in which language it will happen.

mercredi 6 mai 2015

Morning Yoga

I love this video (despite the poor image quality) for a few reasons. It's a nice interactions between Nandu and Lila. Nandu is speaking in English and in French. You can hear Lila's voice quite well. And they are just so adorable together...

mardi 3 mars 2015

Anniversaire de Nandu

Première partie de l'anniversaire de Nandu, avant que Mariko et Antoine (et les parents) n'arrivent.

lundi 29 septembre 2014

A Pradegg

Peu de commentaires, mais c'est important pour les souvenirs de famille :)

vendredi 15 août 2014

Lila is walking

At one year, one month and 10 days old, Lila is walking :) Good times ahead!

mardi 15 juillet 2014

Old times

dimanche 6 juillet 2014

Joyeux anniversaire ma Lila

Happy birthday my little girl, here are just a few pictures of your birthday. MamiJo and Grand-Papa were here to celebrate, and so were Ania, Ambroise, Mariko, Ulrike and Emmanuel. As usual, I do not post pictures of other people kids on the blog so if you want to see the pictures you'll have to go look for them in the photo album I am making right now.
We had a great time, you like Ulrike's pain d'épice the best and enjoy splashing by the kid's pool. You don't walk just yet, but you really want to and it's fun to watch you try. I love you my little girl.

Same spot, exactly one year later
Nandu happy to help making the cakes
Let's blow that candle

And eat more cakes

Not bad for a first