dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Christmas time

Enjoy the Christmas tree 
Playing some sort of drums


Looking for truffle as usual

Flying a helicopter was the main activity of the week

A bit more focused
Tongue out... playing with trains, quite standard as well.

mercredi 9 janvier 2013

Nandu, future big brother

I guess, I could have written this post a few weeks ago, but for some reasons I wanted to announce this new pregnancy to my family outside of blog/facebook.
But here it is, I am about 16 weeks pregnant and Nandu should become a big brother around June 27. There is not much to say yet, everything is going quite smoothly and apart from sleeping around 10 hours a night I am doing ok!

Nandu is really talking now and it is a lot of fun. Somehow over the Christmas break, he figured out that he can join words together to make "2-words" sentences. He now basically talks non-stop and it is hilarious most of the time. Since he has absolutely no shame in anything he says yet, it's just pure cuteness.

In Pechalifour, he enjoyed being with the family. He was a true sheep dog in the sense that he was always keeping track of who was there and who wasn't, and asking about the people who where not there for some reasons. Randomly he just start naming all the people in knows, and all the animals that are in the village. Leaving was rough on him, but I think he enjoys Alice (his daycare-mom) enough to make up for it.

I should post pictures soon, but I need to get some of my camera and ask around as well.

Happy new year everyone.