jeudi 12 avril 2012

Au mail

Just a picture from the house I grew up in :) It's nice to see Nandu there.

lundi 9 avril 2012

The punjabi ghost hasn't left

OK, it's not fully in focus at the beginning, but this is the only video of Nandu dancing moves that I have so far.

India (part 4)

Oubi lela

Visiting family in Sirhind

Visiting family in Khanna

Grandma and grandsons

Beginning to stand fully on his own

mardi 3 avril 2012

India (part 3)

Hanging out and ...

making "pulpula"

Morning walks in the garden

and loving the tricycle

GrandPa with grandsons

Enjoying the bath

Fathers and sons

Going to buy some silverwear.

India (part 2)

So here are a few more pictures. The first few days at home and our trip to the zoo.

Nandu and Vansh playing on the bed

and by the front door

At the zoo with Gunjun and Vansh 

With a tiger far in the background

With a hippo

The elephants were a hit, especially when they pee. 

Pure cuteness

And we were all impressed by the bear in the tree.

lundi 2 avril 2012

In the mean time

The list of pictures is visible on picasa, just have a look there.

I'll make a real blog entry so you can know a bit more about the pictures, but I have no ideas when I'll have time to do it so in the mean time you can just look at them ;)

India (part 1)

So here are the first part of our India pictures. Ir started in Delhi at about 3 am (and we stayed in Delhi for 2 days). We stayed with Vishal's cousin family it was the perfect way to start our trip. The flight had gone very well, but facing a 5 hours car ride right after an 8 hours plane ride plus a 3 hours train ride would have been a little too rough for me.

Anyway, so here it goes:

Where Nandu shows Deepti his Punjabi dancing skills.

Just a random picture but everyone was smiling so I like it.

Nandu liked Lokesh right off the bat and he loved his cellphone

Family pictures ;)

5 cellphones and counting... India is great