jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Random facts

Just a few fun facts of these last few days:

1) In the evening, Nandu can be screaming bloody murder around but time, the moment I sit him on my knees to read his evening story (thanks Kathryn for the books!) he calms down and listen religiously to the story... which amazes me since he doesn't understand a thing yet!

2) He started showing a strong perference for some toys. If I try to trick him and give him something else than what he obviously want, he complains.

3) After rolling over for a week, he decided that was not very interesting anymore... I guess having his hands constantly in his mouth even when on his belly doesn't help)

4) He falls asleep super easily after a bath, story, feeding, then usual wakes up around 1 am and 5 am to eat. He also wakes up once or twice in between but falls back alseep easily as long as we kiss him or let him suck on a pinky.

5) He looks at every bite we put in our mouth and seems to really wonder what we are doing.

mardi 26 juillet 2011

Playing catch

Nandu playing catch for the first time... not too bad (says the proud mamma)!

lundi 25 juillet 2011

Anna and Claudio's wedding

Most of the pictures are posted on Picasa, but here are just a few. Overall we had a wonderful weekend in Pollzeno, close to Torino in Italy. Now that we have a car and that I discovered that it is only 3 hours away... we might go back!

Bride and Bridesmaids:

The Groom:

Vishal and Nandu:

The BU crew:

And Nandu again, just because he is soooo cute!

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Nap time

It's been a while since I posted some naptime pictures. So here it goes:

Otherwise, we actually received my dad's car today... I hoped I would never own a car, but I guess this will be useful to overcome my fear of driving. It will also be quite convenient for vacations and weekends. On Nandu's front, he has been waking up about twice per night lately, after being very good and waking only once for two months... I hope it will go back to once soon, because as much as I enjoy my 1am and 4 am facebook/google+ browsing, I enjoy my sleep much more!

samedi 16 juillet 2011

Just because I like them

Just two pics, because I like them. Not much to say, we are having a quiet weekend before going for a crazy weekend to Italy next week.

vendredi 15 juillet 2011

Found his elbows

Nandu found his elbows... it's getting harder to put him in the stroller!

mardi 12 juillet 2011

After the shots

Here are just a few pictures taken today. Nandu got his 4 months shots yesterday and was feeling crappy all evening, but today he was back to his normal happy self... with teeth bugging him but that's normal by now!

lundi 11 juillet 2011

Doctor's visit

67cm, 7.08kg aka 26.4in, 15.6 lbs for 4 months and 9 days. All on mum's milk!

So Nandu is about as healthy as he can be :) He is growing very smoothly, and moving (ie rolling around), grabing objects, laughing just like he should be. That means he gets another two months of mom's milk only diet. I am quite happy about it, I really enjoy feeding him now that it is so easy.

What we thought was a tooth a few weeks ago is actually a little harmless cyst, but I had started guess that it was the case since it was not growing. No vampire for us. That said, I hope that he'll sprout his first thooth soon because he spends his whole day with both his hands in his mouth and I really think he hurts a fair amount already!

His nights are now quite easy to start but he wakes up once or twice to feed, which is ok with me as long as he goes back to sleep easily after.

He got more shots today and we'll see how he'll react. So far so good (he didn't even cry for one of the shot) but I am guessing the fever will appear tonight, like two months ago.

mardi 5 juillet 2011

Rolled from belly to back :)

So Nandu rolled from his belly to his back for the first time today. I was busy trying to take a picture of how well he does mini push-up:

When he just rolled over! I put him back on his belly and he did it again 2-3 times, then I waited for Vishal to get home and he did it two more time. I think a new era is opening :) And my guess is that he is not far from rolling from back to belly as well. He came a few inches from actually doing it today.

Otherwise I am also convinced that he has a favorite song. I sing a whole bunch of french songs to him, adults and kids songs and when I start "Le sorbier de l'Oural" he always calmed down and smiles. It's pretty neat. I tried to sing other songs when he is upset but nothing works like that one.

And, he started sucking on his thumb. Which I actually hope he'll do because he always has a huge need for suckling and my pinky could take some vacations!

Anyway... interesting week so far.

samedi 2 juillet 2011

4 months

For his 4 months birthday, we started by eating breakfast at the bakery, then off to the market to buy vegetables, cheese and fish for the week; by a nice sunny Saturday, this is very pleasant! Of course I forgot to bring the camera to the market, so you'll just have a few house pictures, where Nandu poses, smiles, grabs and reads instead.