samedi 13 octobre 2012

Random facts

That was taken a week ago when Kathryn was visiting. Nandu enjoyed saying canard about as much as he enjoys looking at them!

Otherwise, here are a few random things that Nandu does and that we want to remember.

He is obsessed with trying to unbend the feet of the duplo people... we have at least 3 tantrums a day for that. Maybe he just want to make the "tippy toe"...

At circus, he finally started to enjoy everything. It was quite surprising. From one week to the next he went from not doing anything except throwing balls, to hanging from a bar, rolling on a mat and jumping on the trampoline!

He is speaking more and more, imitating words we say etc..

He plays a lot with his duplo figurines, he wants me to breastfeed them put them to sleep, make them sit and stand.

He says "un, deux" then starts running... and does it again about 200 times before stopping.. even more so when Eduardo (Alice's son, his "maman de jour") is around.

He also loves to stuff leaves down drains. I showed him that once at least 5 months ago and it just stuck.

Finally whenever he bangs his head on something high, like a table a fence etc, he then makes a point of mastering how to go under that object. He went below the fence on the picture at least 15 times before we could continue our walk home.