jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Comment tu t'appelles?

So Nandu is able to tell his name now. He actually even answered a random stranger who was asking in the park. He counts to four and sometimes translate for Vishal or me ;) He kisses extremely well now and being woken up (even at 5am) by a big kiss on the cheek is not a bad thing. I lost track of how many words he actually says because it is now going up every day and he starts to make mini-sentences.

For the swiss out here, he absolutely loves cenovis (a kind of marmite) and have breakfast every day with toast with butter and cenovis.

He also played a little too much with balloons and discovered static electricity.

He sometimes drinks his water with a spoon and it his food with his fingers but we decided that was ok... so is the mess on the kitchen table!