mercredi 26 octobre 2011

Fête des Pedroli

(Post in French, because it matters mainly to my French speaking friends :) )

Superbe fête ce week-end pour les 60 ans des Pedroli! Nandu a "dansé", et fait des sourirs à tout le monde pendant 6 heures d'affilée! J'étais très très fière. Voilà juste un petit exemple de sa concentration pendant un des intermèdes musicaux.

Par principe, je ne poste pas trop de photos de gens sur mon blog si je n'ai pas leur autorisation, donc se sera la seule photo de cette fête magnifique. Mais on s'en souviendra!

dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Hard to be a physicist's son...

Here is what happens on Sunday when I have to give a talk at a conference on Monday...

The trick starts by a good session of feeding, then I just have to wait for the monster to collapse in a milk coma, and then work can happen!

And even when he wakes up, I actually have a shot at working a bit more.

dimanche 2 octobre 2011

7 months

and a new hat!!

I have to enjoy these moments because soon, he won't agree to wear the silly hats I knit.

Stawberry hat

I also have to enjoy the naps... this is so nice on a Saturday afternoon!

Nap time

Nandu is now also able to "walk" when we hold his hands. It's funny he has been able to stand for a long time now, probably about 1-2 months, but he finally figured out that if he moves his feet he can actually go forward.