vendredi 7 décembre 2012

Piano boy

Not as funny as the one following, but I still enjoy it a lot.


So Chaaaat in Punjabi is the equivalent of peak-a-boo or Coucou in French. Nandu loves to hides his rabbits eyes with their ears and then uncover them and shout "chaaat". Here is a little example.

jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Comment tu t'appelles?

So Nandu is able to tell his name now. He actually even answered a random stranger who was asking in the park. He counts to four and sometimes translate for Vishal or me ;) He kisses extremely well now and being woken up (even at 5am) by a big kiss on the cheek is not a bad thing. I lost track of how many words he actually says because it is now going up every day and he starts to make mini-sentences.

For the swiss out here, he absolutely loves cenovis (a kind of marmite) and have breakfast every day with toast with butter and cenovis.

He also played a little too much with balloons and discovered static electricity.

He sometimes drinks his water with a spoon and it his food with his fingers but we decided that was ok... so is the mess on the kitchen table!

samedi 13 octobre 2012

Random facts

That was taken a week ago when Kathryn was visiting. Nandu enjoyed saying canard about as much as he enjoys looking at them!

Otherwise, here are a few random things that Nandu does and that we want to remember.

He is obsessed with trying to unbend the feet of the duplo people... we have at least 3 tantrums a day for that. Maybe he just want to make the "tippy toe"...

At circus, he finally started to enjoy everything. It was quite surprising. From one week to the next he went from not doing anything except throwing balls, to hanging from a bar, rolling on a mat and jumping on the trampoline!

He is speaking more and more, imitating words we say etc..

He plays a lot with his duplo figurines, he wants me to breastfeed them put them to sleep, make them sit and stand.

He says "un, deux" then starts running... and does it again about 200 times before stopping.. even more so when Eduardo (Alice's son, his "maman de jour") is around.

He also loves to stuff leaves down drains. I showed him that once at least 5 months ago and it just stuck.

Finally whenever he bangs his head on something high, like a table a fence etc, he then makes a point of mastering how to go under that object. He went below the fence on the picture at least 15 times before we could continue our walk home.

samedi 29 septembre 2012


Vishal and Nandu are both super smoothie fan.. 

I don't have much pictures since the vacation but here is a few things that Nandu now does very well. He is learning new words everyday, in French and Punjabi. I am sure English with follow soon. Some words are expected like Non, encore, etc some are more fun, like "hati" (elephant in Punjabi), "canard" (Duck in French), or "attends" when he wants me to wait (I guess I tell him that a lot...)

He is also starting to play with duplos a lot, he gets the point of having people driving a train (dogs are good too) instead of just blocs. He tells stories (in his language) to his stuffed rabbit and even tried to have them suckle while I was feeding him ;)

He has some interests in drawing, and still loves dancing as much as before. Walking on the top of his toes is a good game and making me sing a stupid songs about 30 times in a raw is awesome...
We are very far from potty training but quite often in the morning he asks to go on the potty to pee and he does once in a while (ok that was more details that you cared about but I wanted to remember that...)

We started some baby circus lessons and even though Nandu is by far the smallest kid there I think he has some fun. I'll see if I continue once this serie of 10 sessions is done. It's great but it would be even nicer with kids his own age.

mercredi 22 août 2012

Cousins's vacation in Pechalifour

Nael and Elis 
Nandu with Nani

Oonagh and Nandu

Malo and Nandu

4 Generations

Three cousins and their kids

What vacations should look like

lundi 20 août 2012

Giettes et Valerette

Pictures from Les Giettes and Nandu's first ascent of Valerette. The rest of the holiday pictures will follow soon ;)

Always start with a good breakfast

After a nice hike up where Robin helped to carry Nandu

Picnic and learning to use a stick

About to go downhill (mostly on Grandpa's back)

dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Cute kid

jeudi 5 juillet 2012

More pictures from the walk

And Joanne takes the picture ;)

Avec Tata Aude

Avec Grand-Papa

Someone had a genius idea to put lots of toy in a fountain

Riding on the back of Grand-Papa

lundi 2 juillet 2012


Just a couple of pictures from a walk we did last week. I'll add more soon.

Nandu absolutely loves cats and this one was very curious of Nandu... took a while to be able to keep walking.

In the awesome backpack that my friends gave me when Nandu was born.

jeudi 21 juin 2012


Time is flying, so here are just 2 pictures taken in June. 
Everything is going well, Nandu 15 months check-up was just fine and he didn't even get sick from vaccines! Molars are coming out (sometimes painfully) and his favorite game is to put stuff on his feet. Here it's our steel glass, but it can be anything from my iPhone to his toothbrush. Therefore I decided to try to start some circus class with him in the Fall. We'll see how it goes :)

mercredi 30 mai 2012

About food

Just 2 videos of meal time this days...

The first one is about feeding and being fed:

And this is Nandu's special Tatsiki:

lundi 21 mai 2012

Premier week-end aux Giettes

After just one day in Les Giettes 3 weeks ago, we went up for 4 days and it was as lovely as usual.

First fondue basically on his own.

Nandu officially loves the fountain and it takes a major scene to prevent him from getting all wet. He actually spent 45 minutes throwing stones in it...

And we worked hard to get the vegetable patch going... hopefully we'll actually get to harvest veggies this year.

vendredi 11 mai 2012


Not much to say apart than Nandu is obsessed with watering the plants... and that we got matching "arrosoir" but he always want to be holding both.