samedi 29 septembre 2012


Vishal and Nandu are both super smoothie fan.. 

I don't have much pictures since the vacation but here is a few things that Nandu now does very well. He is learning new words everyday, in French and Punjabi. I am sure English with follow soon. Some words are expected like Non, encore, etc some are more fun, like "hati" (elephant in Punjabi), "canard" (Duck in French), or "attends" when he wants me to wait (I guess I tell him that a lot...)

He is also starting to play with duplos a lot, he gets the point of having people driving a train (dogs are good too) instead of just blocs. He tells stories (in his language) to his stuffed rabbit and even tried to have them suckle while I was feeding him ;)

He has some interests in drawing, and still loves dancing as much as before. Walking on the top of his toes is a good game and making me sing a stupid songs about 30 times in a raw is awesome...
We are very far from potty training but quite often in the morning he asks to go on the potty to pee and he does once in a while (ok that was more details that you cared about but I wanted to remember that...)

We started some baby circus lessons and even though Nandu is by far the smallest kid there I think he has some fun. I'll see if I continue once this serie of 10 sessions is done. It's great but it would be even nicer with kids his own age.