samedi 26 février 2011

What to do on your due date (2)

Since nothing happens apart from one tiny cramp that could maybe resemble a contraction... we went on to cook the fish:

Well, the fish ( a fera from the lake) was a bit too big for the pot we had, so we had to go to some drastic measures...

The rest was a thai sauce with a lot of ginger, coriander and chilis.. very good, tried to make it as hot as I could handle to maybe speed up labor... but of course forgot to take a picture of the cooked meal, so you'll have to imagine.

And I think this is the end of my due day.

What to do on your due date...

OK, so what do you do on your due date, when the bean has no intention of coming out.

First you go eat breakfast at the best bakery in town, since you might not have a chance to go there often over the next few weeks:

Then you go by the farmer's market and by a 1.5 kg fish, that you plan to cook with thai spices in the evening. (Maybe pictures of that meal will come after tonight). You get 2 kgs of random leafy green stuff because your husband can't help but inventing saag with leafy green stuff every week. You buy a macaroon because it's so good and then you go home for lunch.

But before cooking lunch, you tell your inside shrimp that it's time to get out now. It's not so cold outside, winter is nearly over, and we are getting impatient to know if you are a she or a he!

lundi 14 février 2011

Belly contest with the futur grandpa

So here is a picture taken at 38 weeks and 1 day... I do beat the future grand-pa easily but you have to admit he put up a good fight!

lundi 7 février 2011

Variations on scones

More food pictures... because it seems that the only thing we manage to do on weekends these days: cook! The good thing is when we manage to transform a very good scones recipe, into an awesome indian-fusion experiment.

So here are the chives and cheddar (ok, and chorizo) scones... very good, quite standard.

And this looks very similar, but this is the same scones batter, but filled with some steamed potatoes and peas and fried indian spices.

Next time we'll use the same batter to make our own keeman naan... I think we are holding a winner here!

dimanche 6 février 2011

37 weeks and 1 day

To love is to look in the same direction...

So from yesterday, if the kid is born, it is officially not premature. This is a cool milestone:)