jeudi 27 janvier 2011

35 weeks and 5 days

So here, you not only get to see the belly, but you get to see the new iPhone, our office/future baby room (for when the baby will actually need a room) and the fact that a pregnant woman is by definition always to warm and will be in t-shirt even in the middle of winter... well at least I will.

mercredi 26 janvier 2011

Just to say...

How do you explain to your foetus that once you are standing straight, there is no way you can make more room for him/her, regardless of how much he/she kicks you?

dimanche 16 janvier 2011

Food :)

Just for a change, here is what went into my 34 weeks pregnant belly today for lunch. Idlis, Sambar, mint chutney (all home made), and some store-bought pickles... very very very nice. And even better: dinner was made with left over sambar, fresh-made fish curry, more idlis, more mint chutney.

mercredi 12 janvier 2011

33 weeks and 4 days

OK, I know these are dark, and you don't see much but if I wanted to upload any 33 weeks pictures it was these or nothing. Next time I'll try to take them in daylight and outside.

Still a fairly smooth sailing even if I do start to be a bit tired, and I wish I could take hour-long nap in the afternoon. I certainly miss the couch of our BU office!!!

About 6 weeks to go before this egg is fully cooked :) (And then I guess I forget about naps all together)