mercredi 29 décembre 2010

31 weeks

Time is flying... and I don't keep my promises!
But here it goes, week 31 and 4 days.

This time it's not pasta that I ate too much of for a week, but cheese, goose, chicken truffle and potatoes... not bad either.

dimanche 12 décembre 2010

29 weeks

I swear from now on, I'll take one picture per week.

So here it goes:

As you can see, I am entering the serious part of the whole thing! (And I was in Rome all last week.. stuffing my face with awesome pizza and pasta... but that's another story.)

Everything keeps going very well, and I keep knocking on wood for it to stay that way.
Next picture will be from my mum's house since I'll be going on vacation on Friday.
Have a good week :)

dimanche 17 octobre 2010

21 weeks

Here it goes. I don't like posting pictures on facebook so I'll put my pregnancy pictures up here.
This was taken today and I am 21 weeks (aka about 5 months) along. Vishal and I decided not to know what the sex of the baby is, so it's a mistery in there!

Probably not my best head shot, but you are supposed to look at the belly :)

mardi 27 juillet 2010

Bike path

I know it's been ages since I wrote anything here, it will get better soon I promise!

But for today I wanted to tell you how much I like my bike path to work:

First of all, half of it is in a bike/pedestrian street. Yep, it's not just a bike lane, it's an entire bike street. On the sides their are parks with tiny swimming pools and games for kids. It's brilliant. It's like a whole street of green and friendly goodness, but unlike most parks, it actually goes somewhere. I know there is a project to extend it roughly all the way to CERN, this would be even more brilliant if it ever happens. Big bike arteries to go into the city would be awesome.

Second there is the bike lane/bike street light on the way down towards the pont Sous-Terre. For a long time the bike lane was nice, it's a mix bike lane/bus lane so it's very wide, but until two weeks ago there was a traffic light right in the middle of the way down, which is really annoying when you bike and are enjoying the speed for once! Since the traffic light is for incoming traffic from the left, there is asbolutely no reason for the bikes (in the bike lane) to obey the traffic light unless they are pedestrain wanting to cross, so I was in the habit of not obeying that light (after checking for pedestrian of course). A few months ago I saw cops regularly at the traffic light, so I slowed down but didn't stop. They never arrested me, so I kept on going.
Since 2 weeks ago, there is a special bike street light which is always green unless a pedestrian wants to cross. This again is brilliant city planning. The cops actually observed what the bikers where doing, realized it made sense, and change the street lights accordingly so we are not breaking the law. Honeslty if they do that all over the city, Geneva will be a dream form bikers!

samedi 20 mars 2010

Sleep experiment

Since I needed to take shifts in Japan, I decided to do an experiment on myself.
I picked 7 days of consecutive night shifts with no free day before or after. So basically, even if I am in Japan, I am on European time. Now, if we always lived inside, and the sun didn't matter, this should work just fine. But with my current schedule of going to bed at 8am and waking up around 4pm, I basically see the sun for about an hour in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. Which is not so different from being a grad student in a windowless office, like I was for the past 6 years. The only remaining variable is that I cannot make my room completely dark, the curtains are not good enough for that. I decided to try to go running everyday when I wake up at 4pm, just to make sure I go outside when there is sunlight. I am curious to see how I'll feel in a week and if I'll be jet-lagged when going back to Europe.

Right now, one and a half day in the experiment, I feel ok, but I do have the impression it is the middle of the night. Somehow my body knows it.. let's see if it will change.

mercredi 3 mars 2010

Je m'insurge!

Le Croque-menus, le livre de recette de mon enfance, celui que l'on nous donnait a l'ecole, celui que j'utilise encore souvent quinze apres, le croque-menus va etre re-editer sans les recettes contenant de l'alcool. Plus de fondue au vin blanc, plus de jambon au Madere!!!!!! Mais c'est quoi cette histoire. Heureusement j'ai encore ma vieille version, mais je plains deja les futurs ecoliers. Je ne recommande evidemment pas les cuites a 15 ans, mais il ne faut pas pousser le politiquement correcte trop loin non plus. Une goutte de vin dans la fondue n'a jamais fait de mal a personne.