mardi 9 juin 2009

One more day

Two more birdy pictures. Because Geneva was spoiling me tonight.. we gorgeous rainbows over the Alps, and raimbows over the bird.

Otherwise not much to say. Tomorrow I'll go listen to a concert by my childhood friend Lole, one more thing I have been dreaming to do when I was in the US. I miss Boston though.. I miss you guys a lot.

lundi 8 juin 2009

So from now on this blog will be in English

Because the whole point of a blog is to let your friends far away know how you are, what you doing and stuff like this. And now that I am back in Switzerland, well most of my friends far away are in Boston. So here it is, now this blog is in English (with probably some exceptions once in a while).

Geneva has been really nice to me so far. Decent weather, good old friends, welcoming family, weekend in the Alps, evenings at "terrasses", and.. and... my cousin (who is my current roommate) lives just above one of the best bakery in Geneva (ergo I live just above on of the best bakery in Geneva). This means perfect chocolate croissants whenever I want except on Mondays when they are closed. I swear I'll post pictures of my office soon, but right now here is a little bird taken from my balcony..