mardi 22 mars 2011

Here are three more pictures of this third week :)

Nandu keeps being a little champion, doint everything he is supposed to be doing.. which at this stage is all about eating pooping and sleeping, but he is a champion at all of these things. And we are just proud of him like only parents can be!

According to the friends who were visiting (and who took the picture), Nandu seemed to be in extasy in my arms.. (trick for later, this is a very good thing to say to a first time mom.. it made me quite happy).

And when I am not available, Vishal sooth him with a pinky. It seems to do the trick, but I don't think we fooled him.

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nyfa a dit…

Je l'aime trop! C'est presque le plus beau... après mes enfants! lol