lundi 25 avril 2011

Weekend in Neuchatel

This was Nandu's first visit to his grandpa's house. And it was also the Millenium of the city where I grew up which meant that lots of my friends where in town. We were lucky and it was a very successful first trip out of Geneva, pleasant, relaxing and a lot of fun.

The train ride went smoothly as you can see below. I start to really enjoy feeding him and being able to do it anywhere, so it makes traveling that much easier!

Then, on Saturday, we spent the day having friends over, and Nandu was smiling to everyone (very gratifying for the parents!).

Also, I discovered that I stare at my son a lot... there are basically no pictures of me not watching him! And he spent most of the weekend on his dad's lap, he is always very happy there.

On Sunday we went for a little walk in the city, where we run into a whole bunch of friends... one of the good thing about small towns!

And Vishal decided it was time for his son to become a mac addict.

Finally we took the train back to Geneva and Nandu enjoyed the view before asking to be fed again.

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e. a dit…

Great pictures, thank you for letting me know of the blog! Now I have one more thing to read at the office instead of working :)