vendredi 1 mars 2013

Birthday celebrations

Nandu will turn two tomorrow but we already started celebrating with a few friends. I never post pictures of my friend's kids online so you won't see how great of a crowd it was, but with Zoé, Thomas, Nils and Antoine, Nandu had a lot of fun (after being his usual shy for 30 minutes while waking from a nap).

It started at the store, where Nandu decided on a bright pink scooter for his birthday... I did try to encourage blue to avoid problems later, but he was set on it, and who am I to judge!

Then while I was baking his birthday cake he decided he wanted to weigh all his animals. The guy loves to use the scale and see the numbers appear.

We had to light the candles about 4 times before he managed to blow on them properly.
You'll notice the scooter is now blue... This is because Nandu has great godparents that also thought a scooter was a great idea for a birthday gift. Now we have two scooters but at least I won't have problems about colors later :)

We all went for a walk, that didn't last very long because it was still extremly cold.

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